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  • Charges Dismissed Battery and Disorderly Conduct as Domestic Violence
    Marathon County Case Number 2018CM001566 State of Wisconsin vs. Client: Client exonerated after charges were proven to be fraudulent. All charges dismissed by the prosecution.
  • Charges Dismissed OWI (4th) and operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration
    Milwaukee County Case Number 2018CF005375 State of Wisconsin vs. Client: Client exonerated. All charges dismissed on date of trial.
  • Charges Dismissed Felon in Possession of a Firearm
    Milwaukee County Case Number 15CF5340 State v. Client: Not guilty at jury trial.
  • Charges Dismissed Second Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety
    Waukesha County Case Number 18CF896 State v. Client: Charges dismissed by Court on Defendants motion before prelim.
  • Not Guilty Attempted 2nd Degree Homicide
    Waukesha County Case Number 14CF596 State of Wisconsin v. Client: As part of the defense team, Attorney Singleton helped secure a Not Guilty by reason of Mental Defect for the client.
  • Charges Dismissed 7 Allegations of Drug Crimes


    Not Revoked

    Client on extended supervision faced revocation for 7 allegations, including possession of heroin, possession of ecstasy with intent to deliver, possession of cocaine, and possession of firearms components. The Firm represented client at a revocation hearing after which all 7 allegations were dismissed. Client was released immediately.

  • Charges Dismissed Substantial Battery while armed

    Milwaukee County Case Number 2015CF695 State of Wisconsin vs. Client: Not guilty at jury trial. Self-defense.

  • Charges Dismissed Possession of Stolen Property, Conspiracy to commit fraud

    Milwaukee County Case Number 15CF5074 State v. Client: All evidence suppressed. All charges dismissed for civil rights violation.

  • Reduced Sentence Felon in possession of Firearm

    Milwaukee County Case Number 17CF5885 State v. Client: State amended from 3 year mandatory minimum prison to 9 days, time-served before trial.