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  • Charges Dismissed Battery and Disorderly Conduct as Domestic Violence
    Marathon County Case Number 2018CM001566 State of Wisconsin vs. Matthew J.Anderson: Client exonerated after charges were proven to be fraudulent. All charges dismissed by the prosecution.
  • Charges Dismissed OWI (4th) and operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration
    Milwaukee County Case Number 2018CF005375 State of Wisconsin vs. Nashaila Nicole Webb: Client exonerated. All charges dismissed on date of trial.
  • Charges Dismissed Substantial Battery while armed

    Milwaukee County Case Number 2015CF695 State of Wisconsin vs. Michael Green: Not guilty at jury trial. Self-defense.

  • Charges Dismissed Felon in Possession of a Firearm
    Milwaukee County Case Number 15CF5340 State v. Richard Littlejohn: Not guilty at jury trial.
  • Charges Dismissed Possession of Stolen Property, Conspiracy to commit fraud

    Milwaukee County Case Number 15CF5074 State v. Steven Nivar: All evidence suppressed. All charges dismissed for civil rights violation.

  • Charges Dismissed Second Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety
    Waukesha County Case Number 18CF896 State v. Brian Hudson: Charges dismissed by Court on Defendants motion before prelim.
  • Reduced Sentence Felon in possession of Firearm

    Milwaukee County Case Number 17CF5885 State v. Paul Thompson: State amended from 3 year mandatory minimum prison to 9 days, time-served before trial.

  • Charges Dismissed Felon in possession of Firearm
    Milwaukee County Case Number 15CF1273 State v. Rodney Smith: Charges dismissed on date of trial after insurmountable evidence of innocence.
  • Charges Dismissed Substantial battery while armed
    Milwaukee County Case Number 15CF1246 State of Wisconsin v. Crystal Burton: Dismissed following defense investigation and motion to admit evidence of self-defense.
  • Not Guilty Attempted 2nd Degree Homicide
    Waukesha County Case Number 14CF596 State of Wisconsin v. Morgan Geyser (AKA “Slenderman”): As part of the defense team, Attorney Singleton helped secure a Not Guilty by reason of Mental Defect for the client.
  • Amended Charge Felony Child Abuse causing bodily harm
    Milwaukee County Case Number 14CF5455 State of Wisconsin v. Kenyatta Maclin: Amended to disorderly conduct before trial.
  • Charges Dismissed Operate motor vehicle without Owner’s Consent

    Waukesha County Case Number 15CF805 State of Wisconsin v. Christopher Kirkwood: Dismissed on Defense motion before preliminary hearing.

  • Charges Dismissed OWI (5th or 6th)
    Milwaukee County Case Number 17CF2868 State of Wisconsin v. Nicholas Glover: All charges dismissed after defense uncovered proof of perjury by law enforcement.
  • Charges Dismissed Possession of Firearm by a felon

    Milwaukee County Case Number 15CF3713 State of Wisconsin v. Antonio Causey: All evidence suppressed and charges dismissed for civil rights violation.

  • Amended Charge Disorderly Conduct – Domestic Abuse
    Waukesha County Case Number 18CM176 State v. Zarkice Ewing: Amended to ordinance violation.
  • Charges Dismissed Substantial battery, Strangulation, Disorderly Conduct

    Waukesha County Case Number 16CF1525 State of Wisconsin v. Stephanie Lett: All charges dismissed after exculpatory witness tracked down through four states.

  • Amended Charge Disorderly Conduct
    Manitowoc County Case Number 16CM800 State of Wisconsin v. Malik Mayo: Amended to Ordinance. 

  • Amended Charge Felony possession with intent to deliver cocaine
    Manitowoc County Case Number 20CF413: Modified to misdemeanor possession before the preliminary hearing following defense’s motion.
  • Not Guilty 15-CM-1506

    Not Guilty on all counts at Jury trial.

  • Not Guilty 15CF5340

    Not Guilty on all counts at Jury Trial

  • Dismissed 7 Allegations of Drug Crimes


    Not Revoked

    Client on extended supervision faced revocation for 7 allegations, including possession of heroin, possession of ecstasy with intent to deliver, possession of cocaine, and possession of firearms components. The Firm represented client at a revocation hearing after which all 7 allegations were dismissed. Client was released immediately.

  • Charges Dismissed Possession of Heroin


    Client charges with possession of heroin with intent to deliver, possession of amphetamine with intent to deliver, and felony possession of THC. On defense motion days before trial, all charges dismissed by the Court.

  • Not Guilty 2 Counts of Felony Strangulation


    Following a 5-day jury trial, client was found not guilty of 2 counts of felony strangulation.

  • Charges Prevented 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety

    Business owner and firm client was brutalized by a group of armed men in attempted robbery. He was then arrested for 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety and Felon in Possession of a Firearm. After 5 months of aggressive and thorough pre-charging representation, the State finally agreed to recognize the client's right to self-defense and officially declined prosecution.

  • Charges Prevented Client Terminated Threat

    Client was patronizing a local business when an armed man attacked the shoppers, firing numerous shots and nearly killing man. Client helped to disarm the attacker and used the acquired firearm to terminate the threat. After initially arresting client, the State declined prosecution of all charges following months of the Firm's aggressive pre-charging representation.

  • Free Speech Dismissal First Amendment Right

    Client was arrested for unlawful assembly while peacefully protesting against police brutality. Attorney Singleton filed a motion to dismiss all charges for violation of clients First Amendment right to free speech. After several hearings, the Court granted the defense motion to dismiss.

  • Immediate Expunction 20CF2827

    Client was initially charges with 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety. Following extensive investigation into civil rights violations including illegal surveillance by law enforcement and violations of free speech rights, the State amended the charge to misdemeanor reckless driving. Attorney Singleton argued against probation, and the Court assessed a fine while granting immediate expunction of the conviction minutes after the plea was entered.

  • Charge Dismissed 20CF3512

    Client initially charged with Felony Resisting an Officer Causing Substantial Bodily Harm/Soft Tissue Injury. Attorney Singleton won a motion requiring law enforcement to produce confidential medical records for inspection. Rather than produce records, the State dismissed the allegation client caused Substantial Bodily Harm to an officer.

  • Citation Dismissed 21FO168

    Client charged with resisting/obstructing an officer. Court granted Attorney Singleton's motion to dismiss the citation at the initial appearance.