Charges such as assault, disorderly conduct, and/or criminal damage can destroy you and your family. When charged with a violent crime, you need a knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense attorney who will handle your matter from beginning to end.

I will fight to give you the best possibility of reducing or eliminating all criminal penalties. Having practiced criminal defense in Wisconsin, I understand how Wisconsin state and federal courts operate. I am always prepared to take immediate action to prevent circumstances from spinning out of control.

The Sorts Of Violent Crimes For Which I Provide Representation

As a lawyer, I provide a wide variety of violent crimes representation for all of my clients. When it comes to your word against that of another person, I understand the steps needed, and will make certain we hear your voice in court.

The kinds of cases I represent clients in include:

 Felony and misdemeanor assault

 Homicide

 Domestic Violence

 Vehicular homicide

 Child abuse

 Disorderly conduct

 Robbery

 Kidnapping

 Arson

 Carjacking

Alcohol often factors into such crimes. Assault cases may come about during bar fights or arguments. Tempers often flare at home after consumption of alcohol or drugs, and this can lead to accusations of domestic violence assault, disorderly conduct and/or criminal damage. If substance abuse issues may have led to accusations of these crimes, I can place clients in touch with the right resources . I do this so that courts understand you are being proactive regarding the charges you are facing.

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