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Mandatory Arrest Laws

In Wisconsin, law enforcement officials are required to arrest anyone they suspect has committed an act of domestic violence. If you are accused of domestic violence and the police see evidence of physical injury on the victim, believe the abuse will continue, and see that you are the primary aggressor, they must immediately take you into custody.

Following an arrest, you will be required to avoid the alleged victim’s home or additional places they may be and refrain from contacting them for 72 hours. Violation of this prohibition is punishable by a maximum fine of $10,000 and up to nine months in prison.

When Do Domestic Violence Laws Apply?

Domestic violence charges are issued in situations where an alleged offender injures, inflicts pain or fear, or sexually assaults an individual within their family or household.

A household member includes:

  • A spouse
  • A former spouse
  • A current or former co-habitant
  • A co-parent

Restraining Orders

Domestic violence victims often file for restraining orders. A restraining order is an injunction from the court prohibiting the alleged offender from contacting the petitioner and demanding that they stay away from that person.

In Wisconsin, the process begins with the alleged victim filing for a temporary restraining order. Once the temporary order is approved, the court will schedule a hearing for a final injunction. This hearing usually takes place within 14 days. The temporary order only lasts until the hearing. If the court believes that the alleged offender committed or may commit domestic abuse, it can issue a final injunction of protection, which can last up to four years.

A final injunction is tailored to the specific situation and may include a variety of terms, including:

  • The defendant is prohibited from committing domestic abuse
  • The defendant is prohibited from going to the victim’s residence
  • The defendant is prohibited from contacting or having another individual contact the victim

Violation of a protective order is taken seriously in Wisconsin. If you fail to keep all the terms of your restraining order, it could result in up to nine months in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000.

A domestic violence conviction can wreak havoc on your life. From restraining orders and loss of child custody rights to hefty fines and prison sentences, there is so much at stake. The Singleton Law Firm, LLC is here to provide the experienced legal representation that you require.

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