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Violent crime charges can range from homicide-related offenses to weapons possession. For instance, murder charges are the most serious of all homicide accusations and the highest-pursued cases by the state attorney's office and federal prosecutors. The Milwaukee area has become infamous in the country for the number of murders committed, and local TV and newspapers are full of stories and quotes from lawyers in murder cases nearly every day. As a result, law enforcement dedicates the most resources, such as assigning the best officers and most experienced prosecutors to handle these cases. 

Similarly, the law can be hard to navigate and understand as it pertains to weapons possession when the Second Amendment clearly protects a citizen’s right to bear arms. There are certain intricacies in the law to be aware of, though, and an experienced attorney can better help you navigate this and avoid any serious criminal repercussions.

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Homicide Laws in Wisconsin

Wisconsin law defines homicide as the killing of one human being by another, either lawfully or unlawfully. Murder is separately defined as the unlawful taking of human life by another human being. There are several types of homicide, ranging from negligent homicide to first-degree murder.

Further, Wisconsin is a Castle doctrine state, meaning it provides greater protections for individuals who use deadly force in defense of their homes. With the assistance of the knowledgeable attorneys at The Singleton Law Firm, LLC, your murder allegation could be reduced to manslaughter, or even dismissed due to legal defenses.

Since not all killings are criminal, there are several powerful homicide defenses provided under Wisconsin. Mitigating circumstances include:

  • Adequate provocation: A death was caused under the influence of adequate provocation
  • Unnecessary defensive force: A death was caused because you believed you or another person was in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm and that the force used was necessary to defend yourself or another person, even if either belief was unreasonable.
  • Prevention of felony: A death was caused because you believed that the force used was necessary to prevent or terminate the commission of a felony, even if your belief was unreasonable.
  • Coercion/necessity: A death was caused because you were threatened to believe your act was necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily injury to you or another person

Depending on the facts of your unique case, you may face a series of unforgiving penalties. With 28 years of experience, our criminal justice attorney can closely analyze the investigation against you and reveal any inconsistencies or violations that could hurt your case. If successful, we could get your charges dropped or dismissed entirely.

Without our seasoned criminal defense attorney on your side, you have a higher likelihood of suffering the following penalties:

  • First-degree intentional homicide: Class A felony
  • First-degree reckless homicide: Class B felony
  • Felony murder: Additional 15 years of prison added to the maximum term of imprisonment
  • Abortion: Class E or Class H felony

We will do whatever it takes to fight your homicide accusations to prevent you from losing your livelihood for good. If your case must go to trial, Attorney Singleton can aggressively defend your rights from start to finish.

Weapons Defense

Another important category of violent crimes defense is weapons-related activity. Even though the Second Amendment clearly outlines your right to bear weapons to protect yourself or other people from harm, there are also so many individual laws, federal and state, regarding weapons, that it is extremely difficult to keep track of the intricate distinctions.

The Second Amendment was designed to protect those who own or possess a weapon or a firearm. What constitutes as “illegal” use of these weapons is much more complicated, though. In Wisconsin, there is often not any leniency or grace for possibilities of genuine mistakes in these complex situations. Therefore, many prosecutors make it their personal business to take away your rights of gun possession and protection, as well as put you away in prison for as long as possible. There is a large variety of guns and weapons laws that prosecutors try to bring against defendants. Fortunately, our skilled lawyer has tackled many of these cases, small or big.

Some of the types of gun charges we have successfully handled include:

  • Committing a crime while you have a gun or other weapon in your possession
  • Carrying a concealed weapon illegally
  • Buying or selling guns illegally
  • Events involving assault with a deadly weapon
  • Cases of gun trafficking
  • Instances where you are said to be violating parole or probation while carrying a weapon

Keep in mind that any law-abiding citizen in Wisconsin is allowed to possess various weapons at their home, even if they do not have a license. You need to have a Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) license, however, if you want to bring the weapon outside of your home. This only applies to knives, handguns, tasers, and electric weapons, but it does not apply to hunting gear or rifles, which makes the law confusing.

Moreover, even if you do have a CCW license, you can never bring a firearm into a school, airport, government building, or certain other facilities, which makes yet another confusing, gray area regarding the exact locations you can bring a firearm. Furthermore, certain crimes are compounded by merely possessing a weapon, such as being under the influence, taking illegal substances, or being involved in reckless injury – even if you never used the weapon or intended to use the weapon.

Violent crime offenses, which encapsulate homicide laws and weapons laws, are intricate, with so many loopholes and traps to navigate. In such situations, you will need a qualified lawyer to support your case. Trust in our violent crimes defense attorneys in Waukesha to powerfully advocate for you when you need it the most. You can even avoid the Lautenberg Amendment, or a lifetime ban on gun possession for those charged with small misdemeanors, so long as you have our defense lawyers by your side.

Whether you have been accused of homicide or wrongful weapons possession, The Singleton Law Firm, LLC can help you. Schedule a free consultation online today.

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