At The Singleton Law Firm, LLC, we provide aggressive representation for a

wide variety of white collar accusations.  Even an allegation of white collar crime can destroy your

professional and personal reputation. Charges of fraud or theft may prevent you from ever

working in certain professions again.

You need representation from an experienced and thorough defense attorney to reduce or

eliminate the charges you are facing. If charged with a white collar crime, an attorney from the firm will 

meet with you and get to work on your case right away.

Skilled And Dedicated Waukesha and Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Singleton Law Firm, LLC will provide you comprehensive and complete representation.  We will tailor your defense to the specific charges you are facing. I will design a legal strategy to reduce both

criminal and personal consequences. I understand Wisconsin’s criminal law court system.

The types of white collar allegations we can defend you from include:

 Real estate fraud

 Mortgage fraud

 Mail fraud

 Wire fraud

 Tax evasion and other crimes

 Forgery

 Employee theft

 Governmental benefits theft

 Theft/Embezzlement

 Gambling-related charges

We can fight these charges in state and federal courts. Even when charged with multiple felonies, We

will provide the strongest possible representation.  

Contact The Singleton Law Firm, LLC, now if you are being charged or investigated in connection with a white collar crime.  We're here for you when it matters most.