Milwaukee and Waukesha law enforcement are not letting up in their attempts to punish drug possession and a greater variety of drug charges in state and federal courts are being brought than in the past. Besides drug possession or drug distribution charges involving marijuana or illegal narcotics, there are a wide variety of drug arrests filed involving prescription medications. Conspiracy to distribute, transfer and/or sell drugs across state line charges often result in federal charges and extremely harsh penalties.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Providing You Personal Attention

You do not want to represent yourself in such matters. When selecting The Singleton Law Firm, LLC, you will be working directly with an attorney who has experience litigating serious drug offenses and who won’t hold back in holding the state or federal government to their burden. As a drug crimes firm, we do not hand cases off to anyone else and will always make myself available for you.

Every drug crime is unique and requires individual attention. Cases involving minors are handled differently from those concerning adults. Immigrants facing drug charges have other concerns than just the criminal penalties being faced. Our firm will review the police reports and complaints filed in your case, independently investigate the matter and make certain that every avenue of criminal defense is explored.

Fighting For Your Rights

There are often a number of privacy and other constitutional concerns that follow a drug arrest. A search of your home or vehicle may have been improper, a search warrant application may have been fabrcated, or the search warrant may not even have been valid or obtained in the first place. It's possible that you have been implicated in a drug conspiracy due to testimony from a co-defendant who was trying to better his or her own sentence rather than provide truthful information.

The Singleton Law Firm is especially familiar with the way the Milwaukee and Waukesha counties courts operate.  It is always our strategy to do what is best for you in every matter. In some cases this means negotiating a plea deal to reduce the sentence and penalties you are facing. In other instances, it means going to court and trying the case in front of a judge or jury.  In our role as your lawyer, we are entirely comfortable taking whatever strategy is necessary. We will strive to keep improper evidence out of your case.

Contact The Singleton Law Firm, LLC to respond to your drug charges today.  We're here for you when it matters most.