Southern Wisconsin Murder Lawyer, Milwaukee and Waukesha Homicide Attorney

Murder charges are, of course, the most serious of all charges and the most seriously pursued by the State Attorney's Office or Federal Prosecutors. Law Enforcement dedicates the most resources and best officers to investigating these cases. The  most experienced and best prosecutors assigned to these cases.

A person charged with homicide (murder) in Wisconsin risks significant jail time and many convictions will result in never being released from custody. The Milwaukee area has become infamous in the country for the number of murders committed. Local TV and newspapers are full of stories and quotes from lawyers in murder cases nearly every day.

Wisconsin law defines homicide as the killing of one human being by another, either lawfully or unlawfully. Murder is separately defined as the unlawful taking of a human life by other human being. There are several types of homicide, ranging from negligent homicide to first degree murder.

However not all killings are criminal, and there are several powerful homicide defenses provided under Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a Castle doctrine state, providing greater protections for individuals who use deadly force in defense of their homes.  With the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney, a murder allegation could be reduced to manslaughter, or even dismissed due to legal defenses.

Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is the State's burden, and we are here to help make sure they can't prove their case.

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