In Wisconsin, the penalties for drinking and driving are severe and go far beyond criminal penalties such as fines and imprisonment. OWI/DWI charges can carry administrative ramifications pertaining to driver's licenses/driving privileges. Loss of a license of a CDL can upend the security you’ve spent years and decades building for your family.

The Singleton Law Firm, LLC will fight for your right to keep your driver's license as well as defend you against civil or criminal OWI charges.


The Singleton Law Firm will handle every aspect your DUI/DWI representation requires including:


- Challenging the traffic stop.

- Challenging the OWI investigation.

- Challenging the administration of the field sobriety tests

- Challenging the request for any preliminary breath test examination

- Challenging any telephonic search warrant.

- Challenging any scientific results and equipment.

- Challenging the accuracy of lab reports and the accuracy of retrograde extrapolations


Winning your OWI case requires the kind of advanced knowledge the Singleton Law Firm, LLC provides all our OWI clients.  When knowledge and experience matter, choose a lawyer ready to fight to keep your driving record clear.

We understand the case law challenging OWI/DUI laws and arrest tactics.

The Costs Of A DUI/OWI Conviction

Mistakes made in representation by an attorney not knowledgeable in DUI/DWI law can be extremely costly. Even a first-time DUI/OWI not involving an accident or injury to others can result in $10,000 in costs, not including loss of income.

Jail, prison, and fines will extensively increase with each subsequent DUI/OWI conviction.

As a DUI/OWI defense firm who regularly practices in metropolitan Milwaukee, Waukesha, and South East Wisconsin courts, we understand the consequences that can come about with a drunk driving arrest. Any attorney representing a client in DUI/OWI cases needs to understand the penalties, regularly try such cases in court, keep up to date on legal trends and legal challenges (especially pertaining to criminal law labs where blood samples are analyzed), know how to negotiate with prosecuting attorneys and understand how such arrests take place.

Contact the Singleton Law Firm, LLC your DUI/OWI defense today.  We're here for you, when it matters most.