Wisconsin sex crimes have become some of the most zealously prosecuted cases in recent years. Unfortunately, even the mere allegation of a sex crime is often enough to devastate someone’s reputation, relationships with family and friends and even his job or livelihood before they ever get their day in court.

Whenever a sexual element is the alleged motive for a crime, hiring a Waukesha and Milwaukee area criminal defense attorney is vital to protecting your rights, your freedom and your reputation.

Tragically, defendants facing sex-crime allegations have pleaded guilty in an attempt to put the charges behind them, without realizing the long-term consequences of being a convicted sex offender.

Attorney Singleton understands the extreme stress and embarrassment wrought by allegations of sexual misconduct and he offers free and confidential appointments to anyone facing charges for a sex crime in Southeast Wisconsin, including Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Walworth County, Washington County, and Ozaukee County.

Wisconsin sex crimes handled by The Singleton Law Firm, LLC include:

 Date rape

 Rape

 Attempted rape

 Statutory rape

 Prostitution

 Solicitation

 Sexual assault

 Sexual abuse

 Molestation

 Sexual battery

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